Outreach & Advocacy

Make a difference alongside today’s business leaders

Education and information exchange is core to who we are and what we do. AEG has brought the Alberta business story to thousands of influencers and decision makers at all levels of government. Our outreach missions to Washington, Ottawa, Montreal, and Switzerland broadcast the value of Alberta business to the world. This is our mandate.

Impact Business Worldwide

Advocating for issues that significantly impact the current and future economic climate of our province is a challenge that few have embraced. As a small trading jurisdiction we need to be active players on the national and international stage. The best way to maintain our competitive position is to build bridges to new markets, to welcome those wanting to invest and do business, and to be active wherever Alberta’s interests are in play.

AEG has an extensive track record of promoting the province as an investment destination, telling the Alberta story, and building networks of support for increased economic development and cooperation.

  • In 2008, the AEG brought over 100 Alberta business leaders to Washington, DC to meet with congressional leaders, politicians and influential Americans alike.
  • Geneva, Switzerland was the destination for a group of 60 business leaders from Alberta, who in 2009 presented the benefits of investing in Alberta to representatives of the European investment community.
  • The Alberta Connects outreach mission to Ottawa took place in 2010 with the purpose of telling Alberta’s story and how it creates success for all of Canada. AEG reached over 55 members of parliament and senators as well as Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Finance Minister Flaherty, Environment Minister Prentice, and Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff.
  • In May of 2011 AEG returned to the U.S Capital to talk about border security, energy development and trade. This initiative brought more than 60 Canadian business leaders to meet with members of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate.
  • In 2012, AEG brought more than 40 members to Quebec to meet with Quebec business and political leaders and explore partnership opportunities. In 2013 AEG hosted a delegation of business leaders from Quebec in Calgary to learn about the Alberta economy and connect with local decision makers.
  • in 2014 AEG hosted a delegation of members of the Atlantic Metal Working Association in Alberta to learn about investment opportunities and TransCanada’s Energy East pipeline project.
  • AEG has hosted more than 150 business and political leaders from across North America on tours of Canadian oil sands operations.
  • In 2015 an AEG-lead delegation of business leaders traveled to Vancouver to learn about that important market and spark a conversation around market access for Canadian energy. The event was keynoted by MEG Energy CEO Bill McCaffrey.
  • During the 2015 provincial election, AEG published a study making the case for tax competitiveness. The report, drawing from a wide range of peer-reviewed research and commissioned studies, argues that Alberta’s previous business tax structure paid enormous dividends for all Albertans – who have benefited from the fastest-growing economy in Canada.
  • Whether its hosting business leaders like the CEOs of Enbridge and Suncor or political leaders such as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, John Baird, Christian Paradis, Lisa Raitt and Ontario Deputy Premier Dwight Duncan, AEG creates strategic opportunities for entrepreneurs and policymakers to gather and exchange information.