Alberta Enterprise Group applauds the service of Jim Flaherty

Edmonton: Alberta Enterprise Group (AEG) mourns the loss of Jim Flaherty but celebrates his public policy legacy.

Jim Flaherty
Jim Flaherty taking questions from AEG members during the 2010 Canada Connects Mission in Ottawa.

“Jim Flaherty was the steady hand guiding Canada’s public finances and the national economy during very challenging times,” said AEG President Josh Bilyk. “The global financial crisis hit Canada as hard as other countries, but we withstood the storm better than most. That was due, in no small part, to the policies Mr. Flaherty advanced.”

“Mr. Flaherty made the tough decisions when they needed to be made and fought hard to defend them,” continued Bilyk. “The changes made in government, particularly in the 2012 budget which AEG applauded, contributed to the stable financial position Canada finds itself in today.”

“Jim Flaherty was a true friend of AEG members,” added Bilyk. “In 2010 Minister Flaherty addressed our members in Ottawa during the Canada Connects mission. His remarks were detailed, thoughtful and, of course, candid. Jim Flaherty was a unique leader and we’ll miss him, but his influence on public policy will live on.”

“We look forward to developing an equally productive working relationship with Finance Minister Joe Oliver in order to advance the interests of all Albertans.”

Alberta Enterprise Group is a member-based, non-profit business advocacy organization. AEG members employ more than 150,000 Canadians in every sector of the economy.