AEG launches Enterprise Caucus

Alberta Enterprise Group (AEG) is continually seeking out ways to add value to the membership experience while also providing avenues for members to contribute the organization’s stance on public policy issues.

That’s why AEG is pleased to announce the launch of the Alberta Enterprise Caucus.

The Caucus provides members with opportunities to engage with high-profile newsmakers, opinion leaders, risk takers and decision makers during intimate, closed-door meetings to be held 4-6 times per year. These experiences inspire conversation and expose members to new perspectives, ideas and potentially guide AEG’s long-term advocacy positions

The inaugural Enterprise Caucus event was held on February 12, 2015 in Calgary with guest speaker Mr. Preston Manning.

A fixture in the Canadian political scene for over 40 years, Preston Manning continues to make news and influence policy across Canada. From his proclamation that “the West wants in” and storming Ottawa with the Reform Party in 1993 to the establishment of the Manning Centre for Building Democracy, Mr. Manning continues to push boundaries and challenge the status quo.

Mr. Manning is fiercely independent, deeply insightful and thought provoking. In other words, he was the ideal guest speaker to kick off the Alberta Enterprise Caucus.

Stay tuned for future installments throughout the year.

Alberta Enterprise Group is a member-based, non-profit business advocacy organization. AEG members employ more than 150,000 Canadians in all sectors of the economy.