Business leaders and University of Alberta join forces to up-train new grads

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Edmonton: Some recent Alberta Post-Secondary grads and new-hires will be heading back to school this fall to brush up on their professional skills as part of a new program to get new graduates up to speed with the demands of the modern workplace.

The Alberta Enterprise Group and the University of Alberta have joined forces to provide a first-of-its-kind development program for new graduates and recent entrants to the workforce.

“Professionalism and the World of Work” provides new and early-career professionals the opportunity to transition raw and untapped potential into effective, impactful workplace leadership. The program, to run Tuesday and Thursday evenings for five weeks, was tailor-made for AEG member companies, who contributed to the course curriculum development.

AEG members Canadian Western Bank, Corrosion and Abrasions Solutions, Christenson Developments, Donovan Creative, JT Moland Insurance and Sureway Construction and Workopolis contributed to the development of the curriculum.

“Not only are our members saying they are facing labour shortages, but the new grads they do manage to hire are often loaded with skill, but unfortunately lack essential workplace skills to contribute effectively,” said Alberta Enterprise Group President Tim Shipton. “By consulting the business leaders actually doing the hiring and building their experience into the program, we have developed a learning experience that will go a long way toward getting new-hires ready for the world of work.”

“Professionalism and the World of Work” focuses on core workplace skills of high relevance to employers. Management skills such as written business communications (including email), professional presence, knowing strengths and weaknesses, problem solving and handling criticism will be addressed.

A key part of the program will be the direct participation of real-world employers, who will interact with the learning participants and present on various topics.

“The power of this program comes from the participation of the business-leaders,” said University of Alberta’s Joy Beveridge. “The opportunity to interact directly with real-world decision makers in a professional boardroom setting will be terrific for the participants, and something we just can’t do enough of in the classroom setting. And that’s what’s so unique – employers had a direct hand in identifying areas of learning, so we know students are working on the skills needed in the work place.”

“Alberta employers look around the world for qualified employees,” added Shipton. “We believe this unique collaboration gives employers another tool in the kit to meet their labour needs.”

Alberta Enterprise Group is a member-based, non-profit business advocacy organization. AEG members employ more than 150,000 Canadians in all sectors of the economy.

About Professionalism and the World of Work – Experience I

This five-week program will take place in a boardroom learning environment and learning materials include case studies, videos, presentations, simulations, notes, articles, checklists, briefing notes, and planning sheets. This learning experience will be very interactive and will require learner participation. In total, there will be 30 hours of in-session instruction (future programs may be restructured for different delivery options of the 30-hour in-session instruction).

This program is the first of its kind not only in Alberta but also across Canada. This learning experience is all about personal transformation, providing new and early career professionals the opportunity to transition raw and untapped potential into effective, impactful, and valuable workplace professionalism.

A great learning experience includes so much more than just teaching and skill development. It also includes connecting with executive level, corporate decision-makers and using their experience as a foundation for growth. This is what Professionalism and The World of Work – Experience 1 provides for the learners.

This learning experience places participants in an environment with real-life simulations, presented by senior levels of leadership. The experience brings participants inside the boardroom and offers the opportunity for relevant and authentic learning opportunities from industry leaders.

An intensive and real-world learning opportunity, by the end of the five weeks the learning participants will have gained very practical experience in a variety of workplace situations requiring professionalism.

Professionalism and the World of Work has the following desired outcomes:

  • Gain insights to the qualities, and attitudes that make up a respected practice professional.
  • Network with company and corporate executives that connect participants with thought and opinion leaders.
  • Understand how to work effectively with all levels within an organization and with all stakeholders.
  • Learn to communicate with confidence and efficiency.
  • Realize the importance of sound – and timely – decision making.
  • Understand the impact a leader has on the success of an organization, through their ability to influence the performance of others.
  • Learn to form, guide, and manage effective teams.
    See the relationships between data and information to informed decision analysis and decision making.
  • Access companies with exciting career opportunities and begin to explore a range of career options that match their skills and abilities.